A girl (or even a boy) who has reached 12 years of age, is supposed to have accomplished most of the following:

  1. Gain wider knowledge and understanding of the physical and social world.
  2. Build wholesome attitudes towards oneself.
  3. Learn an appropriate feminine (or masculine) social role.
  4. Develop conscience, morality and a scale of values.
  1. Learn to read, write, calculate, and learning other fundamental intellectual skills.
  2. Learn to win and maintain a place among one’s age-mates.
  3. Learn to give and take and to share responsibility and
  4. Achieve increasing personal independence.

And in this crucial phase of Adolescence they must….

  1. Develop self-confidence and a clear sense of identity.
  2. Accept one’s physique and adjust to body changes.
  3. Achieve a feminine or masculine social role.
  4. Develop new, mature relations with age-mates.
  5. Achieve emotional independence from parents and other adults.
  6. Develop concern beyond oneself, achieve mature values and social responsibility.
  7. Select and prepare for a career.
  8. Learn to make choices and take responsibility.
  9. Build a conscious value system in harmony with an adequate world picture.

Experience has shown that managing body changes, menarche and a feeling of sexuality are three chores that turn difficult without proper information and that is where JUSTEVES comes in picture.