Selecting a Bra



  1. Choose a bra made of cotton or another smooth, comfortable fabric with breathable qualities. Bras made of synthetic materials may trap moisture against your skin, causing irritation that could be prevented.
  2. Make sure that any decorative frills, such as laces etc, are not scratchy and irritating to your skin.
  3. For optimum comfort, look for a bra with a 3/4-hook back closure that offers the most flexibility in fit. Also, try and get wide, cushioned, non-stretch shoulder straps, which will provide support without digging into your shoulders.


Starter Bra

Also known as the Starter Bra. Most mothers delay buying a bra for their daughters thinking she is still small and it is too early to ask her start using a bra, till someone points out to them that their little daughter has actually grown up. More likely the girl herself asks the mother to buy her one having seen other girls using them or being conscious of her changing femininity.

Sports Bra is something between a slip and a micro top. It is like those readymade saree blouses available today but of cotton and does the job of supporting the growing breasts. Ideally worn for 6-9 months depending on the growth till the girl graduates to the normal bra.