Emotional Needs

Adolescence has long been looked upon as a critical period in personality development - period of "storm and stress" what with characteristic emotional upheavals, conflicts and maladjustments.

During adolescence one is faced with rapid growth, changes in body proportions and physiological changes of sexual maturing. These changes inevitably entail modifications in his previous self-concept. Adolescence has been described as the stage of "identity crisis" where the one is involved in a final definition of self-identity. All of these require increased self-definition, which is not always easily achieved.

Many an adolescent goes through a traumatic state of "identity diffusion" in which they experience uncertainty as just "who they are" and "what is life all about". It has also been pointed out that many emotionally disturbed adolescents are not rebelling but rather searching for self-definition and meaningful standards of conduct to follow. Again where experts@JUSTEVES will be of great help.