Selecting the right Sanitary Pad

Firstly, you must decide that you are going to use a sanitary napkin and not the age old ‘wad of used cloth’. ‘Selecting the right sanitary napkin’ is actually not the right title as there are NO guidelines that will help you select the right napkin. It is all trial and error. This write-up is just to set you thinking the various qualities you must look for while buying one. It depends on your built, the flow during the day, life style i.e., housewife, desk job or on the move throughout the day etc.


  • Size - depends on your built. The right sanitary napkin should cover the vulva properly, from front to back and side to side.

  • Shape - some of the napkins are available in winged shape that prevents leakage from the side. Then there are curved napkins too.

  • Absorbency - your napkin should have very good absorbency and should NEVER embarrass you by staining your clothes.

  • Thickness - in today’s time of running around, if a thin napkin can provide the same absorbency, then naturally that should be your choice.

  • Support system or not - the elastic available earlier to support it around the waist, is no longer available. Instead now napkins have wings that fold around the side of the panty to avoid slippage. Then there are some with a strip that adhere to the inside of the panty and avoid slippage.

It will take any eve, a few months to decide the napkin that is right for her. One should always be prepared to reconsider the choice, more so if one starts getting heavier flow or life style changes.

Happy hunting!!