Few suggestions that may help you avoid getting a backache

  1. When picking up an object, let your legs do the lifting, not your back. The strong muscles and bones of your legs can withstand strain far better than your back.

  2. If you are subject to back pain, remember to squat rather than bend from the waist.

  3. Carry matched loads, equal weights in both hands. If you are having back problems, avoid carrying heavy packages or bulky packages even if they are light in weight. A large package that needs to be supported far from your body can cause more strain. A straight-leg sit up can put a tremendous strain on your lower back.

  4. If you tend to get backaches, ask your family physician/ physiotherapist to recommend a back-exercise program geared to your needs. Also follow a general exercise program to maintain strength and flexibility. Swimming is an ideal exercise, but brisk walking or spot running may be more practical on a daily basis.

  5. If it’s a strain to keep both feet on the floor when sitting or standing, sit with your legs crossed (not cross legged).

  6. Working counters (kitchen etc) at home should be high enough so you needn’t bend. If you must bend for a long time, a low stool less than one foot, placed under the affected foot, may relieve the strain on your back. Try never to stay in one position for long time.

  7. See that your mattress has uniform surface and is free of hollows and lumps.

  8. Be comfortable when you drive, place a small cushion in the hollow of your back and pull the seat farther forward. Or support your lower back with a smooth square of inch plywood 12 inches on a side. Seat belts set firmly across the lap will often improve car seat comfort, as well as helping to prevent injury in an accident.

  9. Better posture may take the stress out of your back. While standing or walking, put most of weight on your heels. Practice tightening your buttocks. Stand tall, tucking in your pelvis. Avoid low, soft chairs, which are difficult to get out without putting pressure on your back.

  10. Avoid very high-heeled shoes, which put a strain on the back.

  11. Do warming-up exercises before giving your back a workout. Follow the practice of wise athletes, who always warm up before strenuous exercise.

A word of caution - Doctors are seeing more low-back pain after strenuous nights of disco-dancing, especially among generally inactive people over 30 who dance only on weekends. Don’t forget to do warm up exercises before these activities.

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