Running may fit most easily into your life. You can run indoors or out, in place or moving. To combat boredom - the bane of exercisers - you can run while watching TV or to music to make it like dancing.

An all-purpose daily program, recommended by cardiologists, requires you to maintain a pace of 75 to 100 steps a minute counting 1 step each time your left foot hits the floor. On the first 4 days run 1 minute. Increase the period by minute every 4 days until you are at 15 minutes. Almost everyone can afford to use 15 minutes a day to help maintain the normal function of heart and blood circulation". You can get the same training effect by running 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening, 5 days a week.

When running, lift your feet at least 8 inches. To reduce the shock to your heel and calf, allow your heel to sink to the floor gently. If your get leg soreness, drop back minute until the soreness disappears. Another way of beating boredom is to exercises with a stationary bicycle. You don't have to steer, which means you can read while you pedal.

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