Women and exercise A running program
Exercise for your heart Aerobics and sports
Burning up fat Can Isometrics do it all?
Psychological benefits Begin with caution
Muscular benefits How many calories do you burn?
Is strenuous exercise the best? Caution


For exercise to be beneficial for your health it has to be combined with proper diet and has to be adapted to your age and physical condition. It is never too late to reap the benefits of exercise. Your present physical condition is what's pertinent to your health.

Get in shape and your body will forgive your past excess and sloth. The opposite is also true: You get no credit for having been fit, once upon a time. Indeed many fit women stop exercising, due to never ending family chores, but continue eating like before. They often land up being fatter and weaker than those who have never exercised. As a rule the older you grow, more sedentary you become and your body needs more exercise