In contrast with the encouragement boys generally get to be an athlete, girls are assigned a passive role - with little or no encouragement towards vigorous exercise and competitive sports.

However women also need to exercise at least as much as men. It's good for a woman's figure. You must remember that fat bulges but muscles curve - and a woman who exercises, loses more inches in fat than she gains in muscle.

Women athletes and sportswomen tend to have fewer complications in pregnancy and shorter duration of labor in childbirth. They are also less prone to get low-back pain after delivery. Sports performance does not affect Menstruation.

There is a strong link between lack of exercise and gynecologic complaints. It is seen that women who complain of menstrual discomfort, irregularities and backache generally have had little physical education in school, led inactive lives and have physically unfit constitutions and poor muscle tone.

Strenuous exercise is beneficial to the health of preadolescent girls and does not ordinarily affect the onset of their menstruation. Even if a gymnast, classical dancers or track team members get their periods later than average, there are no adverse effects. There's thus no physiological reason preadolescent girls can't compete in the same sports as boys, be it track, hockey or even football. Remember, before puberty the average girl is stronger, taller and can run faster than the average boy of the same age. There is no reason for it remain same even in later life. Of course, one has to try!

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