Irregular Periods


Menstruation can be irregular in following different ways.

  • No periods - Primary, Secondary
  • Timing - early, late or in-between cycles
  • Flow - just spotting, scanty flow or heavy flow
  • Bleeding - Black or bright red, with or without clots
  • Accompanied by pain or without pain,
  • Accompanied by vaginal discharge or without discharge.

In brief, any change in YOUR cycle from it’s routine is abnormal. Just because a friend normally bleeds for a week and you for 3 days, doesn’t mean you have irregular menstruation.

For your doctor to treat you properly and not put you through unnecessary investigations and treatment, proper history is a must. Irregularity in 1 or 2 cycles is not reason enough to rush to your doctor unless you are actively planning a baby. For whatever irregularity you have, JUSTEVES MENSTRUAL RECORDER will be a great help.

You may take a print out and fill it. Send the link to a friend in distress

We have used following guidelines:

  • Spotting
  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Heavy

Also if there is a change in the time you take to soak a pad completely, it can be a clue to your problem.

Remember you have to help your doctor treat you better and at JUSTEVES, we just do that.