Before you start for the hospital it is a good idea to check the following items and to be sure to take them along:

  • Have you informed your Insurance agent (if it is elective surgery)
  • Sufficient money or credit cards to pay for your hospital stay. Most hospitals take deposit either by cash or DD. No hospital will accept cheque.
  • Take very little extra cash with you. Enough for magazines, newspapers, or other small items. If additional money is desired, a member of your family can bring it along later. Hospitals are not responsible for any loss.
  • Do not take an expensive watch or any costly jewelry with you.
  • Most hospitals have television.
  • Take your toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brush and cosmetic bag and any other personal items needed to make your stay comfortable. If you have abdominal or pelvic surgery, you must shave your private parts.
  • Take your own slippers. Modern surgery often means that you will be up and walking soon after your operation.
  • Carry all belongings in as small a case as possible.
  • Take nothing that cannot be replaced. Your hospital room will probably have no facilities for safekeeping of cherished personal items.
  • Towels and other linens are supplied by the hospital. However, many patients prefer to bring their own face-clothes.
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