Symptoms of Depressive Disease differ from patient to patient and even at different times in the same patient.


A 45-year-old male patient had headache, giddiness, bodyache and weakness for the past one year. Headache was often severe, not allowing him to attend his duties. The headache would be worse with noise, hence he would not allow anybody to put on TV or radio in the house. At the end of the day, he would feel tired even when he would be in house the whole day and had done nothing. He had sleepless nights and his appetite was much reduced. He had lost by about 10 kgs in one year. X-rays including CT Scan were normal. Other routine investigations including blood sugar were normal. Tonics and injections (for strength) were of no use.

On further inquiry by the author, regarding symptoms related to mood, thinking, and behavior, the following was revealed. The person had lost initiative and was not feeling fresh in the morning. He used to get many thoughts mainly negative type and concentration in the work was affected. Since last one month, he had not gone to his work (though in the last 25 years of service he had hardly taken leave from his work). He had even expressed his desire to resign from the work as he was finding the same work now burdensome. He had lost his interest in his hobbies like listening to music and playing chess. Of late, he was becoming irritated on minor matters.

This is a typical case of Depressive Disease.

The following are the major symptoms observed during Depressive Disease though not all may be present in each case.

Psychological (Behavioral Symptoms) Somatization
Physical (bodily) Symptoms Symptoms with Normal Investigations

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