Support Group

It is easy to advise; easier to give unsolicited advise and easiest to say "Oh! You should have asked me!"

People who are faced with a serious problem that is either long standing or has severe morbidity need practical guidance and tips on day to day management. Who better than one who has trotted the same path?

A support group is one where some one who has experience of handling a medical problem, first hand, interacts with others similarly affected and offers practical tips (non-medical) on day to day handling of the problem. Visitors to JUSTEVES are fortunate as we are starting with eight support groups to begin with. Slowly but steadily we shall offer many more. Those of you who are willing to share their experiences and let others benefit from what you have gone through are welcome to write to

These discussion/ support groups are only meant for Registered Eves.

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Each group is supervised/ controlled by an EVE who has volunteered her skills/ experience and time; those benefiting from the groups should respect the time of the moderator. It will their utmost endeavour to reply within 24-48 hrs. Once a particular group gets more active, we may even designate fixed time chats.

If you want another group started please suggest a topic and we shall do our best to give it to you.

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