• Low Mood - feeling sad, blue, down in the dumps, even pleasing events cannot lift the mood.
  • Markedly diminished interest or pleasure in food, sex, hobbies or just about everything, which was earlier pleasurable.
  • Loss of self-confidence: person feels he will not be able to manage the work though he has managed similar work in the past.
  • Feeling of worthlessness ("I am no good, I am a bad person").
  • Loss in thoughts, person gets too many thoughts mainly negative ones ("nothing good will happen", and "I may never recover").
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Indecisiveness - at one moment person makes one decision and within no time makes the exactly opposite decision.
  • Increased irritability – person becomes irritable over small trifling matters.
  • Panic attacks i.e. palpitation, chest pain, nervousness, excessiveness sweating, and feeling of impending death.
  • Frequent crying.
  • Guilt feeling ("I am a burden on my family; others are suffering, because of me; I have committed a sin" etc.).
  • Suicidal thoughts – thoughts of death, attempted suicide.
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