Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunctions as the name suggests is the inability to initiate, perform or satisfactorily complete the sexual act.

Common types of dysfunction recognized, in women, are

  1. Diminished sexual excitement - sexual arousal can only be achieved with great difficulty;
  2. Anorgasmia, in which a woman has a recurrent and persistent inability to achieve orgasm despite normal sexual stimulation
  3. Vaginismus - woman's vaginal muscles contract strongly during intercourse, making coitus difficult or impossible;
  4. Dyspareunia - a woman experiences significant pain during attempts at intercourse

Common types of dysfunction recognized, in men, are

  1. Erectile impotence, in which a man cannot sustain an erection.
  2. Ejaculatory impotence - a man cannot achieve orgasm in the woman's vagina. He may sustain an erection and may even ejaculate by other methods.
  3. Premature ejaculation – a man may ejaculate before or immediately after entering the vagina.