Relaxation and learning to relax are other aspects to treat of Depressive Disease. Like good manners, active relaxation can be learnt. It needs to be practiced regularly to be effective. It is important to understand that sleep, doing nothing, remaining at home or just lying down do not constitute active mental relaxation. Taking a vacation from the busy urban life for a few days, every year, is one of the ways of relaxation. The doctor will explain to you the ways to relax so as to speed up your recovery process as well as prevent further episodes of of depressive disease.

Research has shown that with deep mental relaxation, there are chemical changes in the brain and nervous system. These changes are opposite to the changes which occur during psychological stress and help reverse and bring them back to normal. Moreover, with deep mental relaxation, tranquility is achieved.

There are different techniques to achieve the deep mental relaxation. Yoga, Vipassana, Shavasana, Meditation etc. are different techniques to achieve the same goal. The important factor in all these techniques is that they should be done regularly and continuously. Regularity will pay rich dividends. Regular morning walk, regular swimming, regular exercise, regularly playing games also have similar effects.

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