Antidepressants provide an effective treatment for Depressive Disease. There are different varieties available, and the selection of these medications are as per the symptoms, severity of illness, co-existing ailments etc. Antidepressants help correct the chemical changes and imbalances in the brain and thus help improve the symptoms of the Depressive Disease.

It is important to understand that antidepressants are very much different from sleeping pills or tranquilizers, which sometimes act as a depressant and make Depressive Disease worse. Moreover, unlike these sleeping pills, antidepressants are non-addictive. Antidepressant medication is not needed in increasing doses nor do they need to be taken for remainder of the patient’s life. Antidepressants are not mood elevators; if a person is depressed, they will make him well but if a person is not suffering from Depressive Disease then they will not make the person happier.

We have provided some useful guidelines, which need to be followed when taking these medications.

The antidepressant medication takes about 2 weeks to show its effect. In some patients it may take even longer. You should not think that medicine is ineffective, if you don't feel any change immediately.

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