Be courteous

Learn from Politicians, how to be civil despite feeling angry. They must work with one another to accomplish anything in government. In fact, you might never suspect the depth of their true feelings, listening them address bitter rivals as "esteemed colleagues."

Put your anger to work

Anytime you are provoked, it should wake you up and make you work harder.

Be understanding

Give others a benefit of doubt. When someone appears to ignore what you have said, consider that he/she might be ill or hard of hearing.

Don’t let pride get in the way

Ego and anger go hand in hand. If you succumb to one it is bad. Succumbing to both is like 1+1=11

Look behind the anger

You have to look beyond the immediate words. When a child performs poorly, isn't our anger directed to teachers as we put the blame on them. Yet they are sensitive to our grief.

Look for help

If your anger is overwhelming, or if a spouse or friend fails to respond to your best efforts to understand, consider taking assistance from a counselor or a friend.

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