Hair Care, What? How? When?

ImageShalini went to Dr Fernandez for her hair loss and came back convinced that some hair loss is natural. We only notice hair fall and are not aware of new ones coming on.

Caroline’s hair loss was due to a home shampoo given by the friendly neighbourhood beautician which supposedly contained special herbs to prevent hair fall.

Ten year old Shabnam started losing after a bout of Typhoid. Her Family Physician advised some vitamins and said that over a period of time, excessive hair loss would stop, and it did!.

All three of them had different reasons for hair loss, but what they needed was information on What? How? And When of Haircare.

Hair is a tiny thread like, but complex, structure that grows from the skin.

Preliminary knowledge about hair is a must before you learn about HAIRCARE. Did you know that……….

  • A hair has its own blood supply; nerve supply and its own muscle that causes it "stand on end".
  • Hair has two phases of growth – Growth Phase and Resting Phase.
  • Human scalp has about one lakh hair at any given time.
  • Five to fifteen percent of these are in resting stage.
  • Scalp hair grows less than half an inch per month.
  • A person sheds seventy to hundred hairs a day from follicles in resting stage and new hair grows in its place.
  • Hair growth is affected by several factors-
    • Age – Faster in children than in adults
    • Diet - slower in Anemia and crash dieting
    • General Health – Slower after chronic, debilitating illness
    • Season faster in summer
    • Care BETTER with proper haircare
    • Pregnancy - during pregnancy, one may get a real luxuriant growth, but after delivery there may a noticeable fall. If you accept one, accept another – it is only a phase

We all know and accept that our SKIN needs extra care. Why don’t we give the same extra attention to our hair, knowing very well that hair, after all, is an appendage of the skin.

Proper HAIRCARE is essential for Clean and Healthy hair. This can be divided into

Use of Hair cosmetics
Regular Brushing
Well balanced diet
Care of any associated problem e.g. Dandruff, Lice, Alopecia etc.
Your own GUARD against harmful products.