Alopecia Areata


Sudden hair loss in circular patches on the scalp, without any other visible evidence of scalp disease and is not contagious.


  • Sudden hair loss in sharply defined circular patches.
  • There is no pain or itching.


Unknown causes but heredity and emotional factors, such as anxiety, may contribute to hair loss. Women under stress and with family history of alopecia areata.



  • Consider wearing a wig during acute phase.
  • Continue to bathe and shampoo as usual.
  • While combing don't tug forcefully as the roots are weak.


  • Your doctor may prescribe topical steroids creams. Apply topical steroid once or twice a day unless directed otherwise. Apply immediately after bathing or shampooing for better spreading and penetration. For scalp and groin, use only low-potency steroid products without fluorine. In special cases, your doctor may inject steroids into affected areas and prescribe oral cortisone drugs for you to take on alternate days.
  • A topical medication, minoxidil, may help.