Clinical significance

Triple Marker (Tests) are popular screening tests for fetal chromosomal abnormalities and disease states. They are very sensitive and specific for the disease they are done for.

Clinical applications

  1. Patients with increased risks can undergo more expensive and definitive testing.
  2. When a fetal anomaly is diagnosed, the most significant decision facing a patient is whether, to opt for abortion or not. For those mothers, philosophically or religiously opposed to abortion, the knowledge that a genital defect is present and can aid in pregnancy and delivery management.
  3. A large number of conditions are associated with abnormal results but, the major defects that most programs are designed to detect are Neural tube defects, Down’s Syndrome and Trisomy 18.
  4. It helps to identify about 8 % of patients with increased risk (3% at risk for Neural Tube Defects and 5 % at risk for Down’s Syndromes), while detecting 90% cases of Neural Tube Defects, 60% of cases of Down’s Syndrome and 60% cases of Trisomy 18.

The three tests done are

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