In spite of increased research, no definite cure has been found – as yet. Tremendous progress has, and is being made all the time.

As there is no single cause for migraine, there is no single drug available for all treatment. You doctor will have to investigate your symptoms closely before deciding on which of very many forms of treatment should be prescribed. If one particular medication does not give the required relief, others are available. If the side effects are distressing, other drugs can be prescribed.

Many sufferers take such medicines at the first sign of an impending attack and, if possible, try to lie down in a quiet, darkened room. Some sufferers find relief by placing ice packs on the head or soaking their feet in hot water. It is well worth experimenting to find the best solution for relief.

In addition, relief from the distress of migraine has been obtained by acupuncture, reflexology, hypno-therapy, health foods, and other means.


Preventive treatment is advised if the attacks are more than twice a month. There are medicines available today which can prevent an attack of migraine but are not much useful during an attack. These have been proved to be safe even on prolonged usage. These medicines start acting pretty slowly and a trial of at least 2-3 months is a must before deciding that they are not effective. One should take these only under medical supervision.


There are 3-4 medicines available, which include analgesics and drugs to control vomiting etc., some of them have serious side effects like gangrene (dead tissue due to lack of blood supply). Hence every patient must take it under physician’s advice and not follow another patient’s prescription.

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