In Migraine, the Aura provides a warning signal. Strangely enough this can be a feeling of unusual well-being on the day preceding an attack, but in most cases the warning signals only appear 30 minutes, or even only 15 minutes, before the onset of the attack.

A more common advance symptom in Migraine with aura is a gradual worsening of the eyesight, starting with blurred vision, and leading to blind spots in the centre of the eye and even, in extreme cases, to temporary loss of vision.

In some sufferers 'pins and needles' or numbness in the hand or in one arm, or one side of the face, or the chin, mouth or tongue, precede an attack of migraine. This can be particularly disturbing in people with heart or circulation disorders, as they may easily misinterpret the symptoms.

A common feature of all migraine attacks is an acute discomfort (burning, pressing, stabbing in one eye) later leading to the actual pain.

In general, during an attack, the sufferer is weak, pale, irritable and tries to relieve the intense pain by emitting loud groans. With giddiness, partial loss of vision and difficulty in speaking correctly, the sufferer deserves full sympathy.

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