The nature and personality make up of an individual and the attitudes he/ she displays, predisposes or protects the person from Depressive disease. Some of the attitudes, which make the person vulnerable to depressive diseases, are:

  • Higher expectations than what the reality is (larger the gap between expectations and reality, more the frustration leading to predisposition to the illness) behavioral and attitudinal expectations from the spouse, children, other than family members, friends and relatives, financial expectations etc.
  • Low level of frustration tolerance.
  • Uncompromising, rigid attitude leading to conflicts.
  • Difficulty in maintaining good and cordial inter-personal relationships, strains in husband-wife relationship with frequent misunderstandings and quarrels, father-child or mother-child relationship not good.
  • Unable to express negative emotions and suppressing them most of the time.
  • Finding faults in others most of the time.
  • Inferiority complex.

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