Ultrasound in Women

Many new discoveries in medical technology have improved the instruments and machines designed to help doctors treat their patients better. One of the modern tool called ultrasound lets doctors "see" inside the patient's body. Ultrasound is a great diagnostic tool in evaluation of various diseases of the women. And is often used to check the well being of the fetus during pregnancy.

Available today in almost every city and town of India, ultrasound in used in all most every field in medicine. The new technology has become extremely valuable in health care of woman, both in gynaecology - the over all health care of women's reproductive organs and breast - and during pregnancy and child birth.

What Is Ultrasound?
How does it work?
Why is Ultrasound Is Used?
Ultrasound of the Pelvis
Ultrasound in Pregnancy
When should Transvaginal Sonography be done
Ultrasound of the Breast
Ultrasound of the Thyroid
The Examination
Safety, Risks and Benefits
Preparation of the Patient for Pelvic Sonography
Preparation of the Patient for Pregnancy Sonography