Normal Pregnancy


This is the period of pregnancy between the twenty-fifth and fortieth weeks. The main growth of the baby takes place during these months.


By this time the baby is about 37 cms long and weighs about 900 gms. The baby is covered with a sticky and cheese like material, called vernix that protects baby’s skin from becoming waterlogged in the amniotic fluid. The body continues to grow so that the head is only marginally larger than the body.

Babies born by the end of the twenty-eight week can have more than 90% chances of survival if they are treated by specialists in a well-equipped premature baby intensive care unit. The survival chances are lower if the baby has congenital abnormalities or the organs are damaged during the delivery.


By this period the body measures about 40 cms in length and weighs about 1.6 kilograms. The body develops further so that the head is in proportion with the entire body. The skin continues to be covered the vernix and there are increased deposits of fat below the skin. Normally, the baby’s head is lower and rests towards the mother’s pelvis, ready for delivery, head first.


By this time the baby is almost completely developed and measures about 46 cms in length and weighs about 2 kgs. A normally developed baby has more than 98% chances of survival if born during this month. The baby also assumes permanent position with the head towards the pelvis.


This is the last month of pregnancy and the baby normally weighs about 3 kgs and is about 50 cms in length. Between the thirty-sixth and fortieth weeks, the baby gains about seven percent more weight.

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