I want to lose weight

Welcome to the increasing numbers of EVES wanting to lose weight. It’s better late than never. Chances are that you have had some not so successful attempts in past. @JE we shall help you do it sensibly and scientifically. Let’s get started!


  • Firstly we must ascertain that you really need to lose weight and not just tying to be real skinny.
  • Our calculators will tell you about the degree of obesity and how much you need to lose.
  • Once you have your target, we shall tell you the principles of weight reduction i.e. healthy eating and exercise.
  • You can find out what your daily requirement of calories is and how you should spread it over the day.
  • We have provided over 150 healthy recipes with focus being “You should equally enjoy the healthy recipes and not feel like penance”

So, get going and revert with specific problems and tips you would love to share with other EVES. You are welcome to add to this vast collection of recipes. Attach your picture and we shall acknowledge it properly.

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