Myths and Realities - Weight Reduction



Water is fattening. Plain water contains no calories and therefore cannot be fattening. This does not apply to soft drinks.
Honey is preferable to sugar. One teaspoonful of honey contains 21 calories, compared with 16 in a teaspoon full of sugar (30% extra).
Fruit juices are permitted. Fruit juices are not low in calories (120 Ml Orange juice contain about 50 calories). It is better to eat the fruit than to drink the juice, because this gives added fibres without extra calories.
Whatever I eat turns into fat. The only reason some people gain more weight than others who eat exactly the same food is that they are less active. Obesity is also caused by in-between snacks that people conveniently forget.
Heart diseases make weight reduction dangerous. Weight reduction is not only desirable, but also vital and is not dangerous when supervised by a physician.
Skip a meal- best way to reduce. Skipping meals usually increases hunger and results in greater food consumption at other meals.
Massage, Steam bath, Sauna help in weight reduction. These do not reduce weight. Steam bath/Sauna lead to temporary weight reduction due to evaporation of water from the body.
Exercise alone is enough for weight reduction. Not so. Exercise with proper reduction in caloric intake is most desirable.
Uterus removal causes weight gain. Not so. Inactivity after surgery with an increase in food during convalescence causes weight gain.
Natural to add a few kilos with the years. Your correct weight at 25 years of age is what you should weigh rest of your life.