Small Breasts

This is a social rather than a biological problem. Many women feel inadequate and self-conscious about what they consider undersized breasts. It is a myth that the size of the women’s breasts is an indication of her femininity, her sexual capacity, or her ability to bear children or nurse them. The fact is that the main content of the breast i.e. the fat tissue gives the breast it’s size and shape. The number of milk producing glands is not less in women with small breasts. (Anatomy) Another myth is that breast-feeding causes breasts to decrease in size with each child nursed. This myth has resulted in western women, nursing their children less and less …………


  1. Whether the breast is small or large can only be decided if considered according to the body proportions. In women who themselves are thin, the breasts will naturally be small. Unless she gains some weight herself, increasing her breast size by artificial methods will only make them look out of proportion to the rest of the body.
  2. After surgery to remove a lump.


  1. Thin women with small breasts can increase their breast size merely by gaining some weight. Otherwise there is no known preparation, exercise plan, or mechanical device that can affect breast size. Then again, if you are already on the heavier side and put on more weight, breasts may still appear smaller. Small sized breasts do not matter, it is the embarrassment on your face that shows.

  2. If you want your breasts enlarged, see a plastic surgeon. An operation called breast augmentation is the only way to increase breast size to any significant degree. Implanted breasts feel firmer than normal breasts, especially if you have little breast tissue of your own. The more tissue over the implant, the more natural it feels. The same procedure is used in part of the relief for breast sagging.