Breast Sagging

If you feel you have sagging breasts, check which of the following groups you fit in


  1. Starting to wear a bra too late or wearing an ill-fitting bra. Pointers to selecting the right bra size.
  2. Following pregnancy. The breasts enlarge during pregnancy and if not supported properly, can sag. This is especially true in breast-feeding women, as they prefer not to wear a bra for convenience. Another cause for sagging in this phase women is attempt to lose weight drastically in order to regain their original figure.
  3. Crash diets resulting in drastic weight loss over a short period of time.

If you do not, confirm with a confidante, whether you really have sagging breasts or just comparing yourself with someone else.

Bralessness is particularly hazardous for large-breasted women, and those who have had several pregnancies or large weight losses. Without added support of a bra, the fragile breast ligaments may gradually weaken, giving the breasts a flat, pendulous appearance.


  1. Select the right sized bra
  2. Avoid drastic weight loss


Surgery can TEMPORARILY relieve severely sagging breasts. The first stage deals with BREAST REDUCTION. After two or three months healing time BREAST AUGMENTATION is done if needed. Within three to five years, however, the sag usually returns.

Special Bras - with hard/ metallic support at the bottom of the cup.