Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's)


Syphilitic sore once contracted, will heal spontaneously; disease remaining in the blood. Thus 3 stages of Syphilis are recognized, each giving different symptoms.



A chancre sore develops at the site of infection, from 2 to 4 weeks after contact has occurred, which is painless 75% of the time. The chancre starts as a dull red spot, turns into a pimple, ulcerates, forming a round or oval sore with a red rim. The sore heals in 4-6 weeks - however, infection still persists in the system. The chancre is usually found on the genitals or anus, but can appear on any part of the skin.


One week to six months after the chancre heals. Pale red or pinkish rash appears (often on palms or soles), fever, sore throat, headaches, joint pains, poor appetite, weight loss, hair loss. Moist sores may appear around the genitals or anus and are highly infectious. Symptoms usually last three to six months, but can disappear and recur.


No apparent symptoms, and the carrier is no longer contagious. However, the organism is insinuating itself into the infected person's tissues. 50 to 70 percent of carriers pass the rest of their lives with the disease in this stage. The remainder pass into Last (tertiary) Stage syphilis.


The invasion of organs is complete. Serious heart problems, eye problems, brain and spinal cord damage, with a high probability of paralysis, insanity, blindness or death.


Penicillin by injection, or a 2-week course of certain oral antibiotics, is the standard treatment for syphilis. Two follow-up blood tests (VDRL) two weeks apart after ending treatment are necessary to ensure the treatment is complete. The first three stages of syphilis are completely curable, and even in the last stage syphilis can be stopped. With the present medical technology to diagnose and treat syphilis, no one should ever reach the last stage of syphilis.


Nominally sexual contact, but can be transmitted by blood transfusion or from an infected pregnant woman to her fetus.

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