So you have been advised surgery and the whole family is worried. Chances are that no one in the family has gone thru, a major surgery before. You are not the only one. Advise for surgery, generally fills up all concerned with abject fear. A surgery may be a minor procedure for the surgeon but the very prospect of going under the knife is scary for the family and any amount of assurances are not enough. Only after everything has gone smoothly does everyone breathe a sigh of relief. As in every other field, proper knowledge of what may happen is the best help.

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You need not worry! Your surgeon and his team will take all possible care to put you back on your own two feet at the earliest. We @ JUSTEVES have collected exhaustive, ethical and relevant information on all aspects of Surgery as well as Pre and Post-operative care. Then, we @JE are always present to answer all your pertinent queries.


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