As a woman approaches her late 40's, she knows she will be going through her menopause or "change of life" when her body will be adjusting to a new situation and she will no longer be able to have children. This change is weathered so easily in some women that they hardly notice going through the menopause, but most of you will notice some difference in yourself. Many of you need help from your doctors, since this can be a difficult time.

At JUSTEVES, this is our humble attempt to explain to you what menopause means to a woman, the problems it can bring and the treatments options available, which can make this change so much easier for you to weather this potential storm.

What is menopause? What is meant by the terms menopause and climacteric?
When do the changes occur?
Why do the climateric and menopause occur?
What changes in the menstrual cycle can be expected during the climacteric?
What are the consequences of oestrogen deficiency?