Depressive illness is a bio-psycho-social disease. The hereditary factor is due to the genes passed from one parent to children and presently it cannot be changed. However, a person who is mentally satisfied in all aspects of life (family, occupation, socially) has very little chance of developing depressive illness. To achieve mental satisfaction, the following personality and attitude characteristics need to be achieved.

  • Reality based expectations. Less the gap between expectations and the reality, better it is. More the gap, more are the chances of developing depressive illness.
  • High frustration tolerance level.
  • Positive attitudes, appreciating others.
  • Maintaining good cordial relationships with others.
  • Actively and regularly achieving deep mental relaxation, regularly going on vacation, actively enjoying hobbies.
  • Acceptance of negative emotional events (eg deaths, failures, etc) without getting very much emotionally disturbed.
  • Accepting responsibilities and completing the same with enjoyment.
  • Ventilating negative feelings in a proper way, at a proper time without irritation.