Anxiety Disorders and Dissociative Disorders


In this, the irrational idea/ fear or the impulse persistently intrudes into the awareness of the afflicted.

What are Obsessions & Compulsions?

Obsessions are constantly recurring thoughts such as fears of exposure to germs and Compulsions are repetitive action to safe guard from Obsessive thoughts, such as washing the hands many times before peeling a potato. Those suffering recognize these as absurd and try to resist them, but the only way they can alleviate the anxiety is by ritualistic performance of the action or by deliberate contemplation of the intruding idea or emotion.

Most patients do not mention their symptoms (? embarrassment). These patients are usually orderly, predictable, conscientious and intelligent. Most of them may have positive history of one of the following - including tics, hair pulling, nail biting, Hypochondriasis and eating disorders. As high as 2/3 of OCD patients will develop major depression during their lifetime. OCD is not partial to men with an equal Male: female ratios, the highest incidents found in the young, divorced, separated and unemployed (all high stress categories).

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