It is estimated that there are about 40 crore people around this world who will develop diagnosable and treatable depressive disease.

Depressive illness is:

  • The cause of 20% of the suicides in India.
  • The cause of a third of alcoholics taking to drink.
  • The major cause of absenteeism at work and resultant loss of productivity.
  • The 4th to the 10th most frequent diagnosis made by family physicians.
  • The disability due to depression exceeds that of most major chronic illnesses including diabetes mellitus, arthritis and angina pectoris.

Depressive disease is today the No 10 illness in India. In terms of disease burden and within 25 years (by the year 2020) it will become the number two illness, next only to heart diseases overriding diabetes, cancer, arthritis etc. Moreover, Depressive Disease is going to be the No.1 disease among women all over the world including India and we at justeves are going to help you fight it.

A recent study in Mumbai showed that 36 percent of patients attending general practitioners’ clinic for various physical complaints, actually suffered from depressive disease (Like Sushma's Case).

Depression is in fact the "Common Cold" of psychiatric disorder, Though, Depressive disease is so widespread, the number of patients who consult a family doctor are few and still fewer consult a psychiatrist.