Breast Feeding


This could be either due to a problem in the child or effect of some drugs given to the mother. Sedatives given during delivery may reach the foetus through the umbilical cord. The infant then may be too sleepy to suck properly. This may last for some days after birth.

Jaundice and other illnesses may have the same effect. In neither case, however, is there any reason to postpone the breast-feeding sessions. The child should be offered the opportunity to suck even though he may not seem interested. If he can be persuaded to suck for a few minutes at a time, this is very valuable, and should be repeated 6 – 8 times daily.

A word for your family - In such cases the most important task for you all is to keep up the mother’s spirits by reassuring her that her infant will wake up soon, and become stronger and more satisfying to nurse.

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