I want to abort

Relax! Don’t panic. We @JE will sort out your problem. Just follow the questions…

So you want to abort?

Are you sure that you are pregnant?
Yes No
Have you done any pregnancy tests to confirm? Then let us be sure that U R really pregnant
Yes No Diagnosis of pregnancy
| Urine | Blood | Sonography | If + ve If -ve
And it showed beyond doubt that you ARE pregnant! Are you sure you do not want this child? Secondary Amenorrhoea
Yes No
Are you sure you do not want this child? Then let us be sure
Have you discussed with your spouse/ partner?
Yes No
OK. Then we will guide you further Better discuss. As you may face problems in future
Is it your first pregnancy?
Yes No
Do you know that a small % of women never conceive again after one abortion Have you had an abortion before?
Yes No Yes No
U still want to abort? Even slightest infection can lead to blockage of tubes resulting in secondary infertility Spontaneous or Induced? Click here to know all about MTP
Make sure you know your blood group because if you are Rh negative, your doctor will give an injection to prevent complications in future

Click here to know all about Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)