Use of Artificial Sweetners


This is a fine standby for cakes and puddings. It gives much more satisfactory results than either no sugar at all or an entirely non- caloric sweetener. To make fortified sugar proceed as follows:

  • Crush 24 artificial sweetener tablets to a smooth powder and sift with 200 gms castor sugar.

  • Store in a tightly lidded jar.

  • 200 gms fortified sugar equal 450 gms ordinary sugar, so when using fortified sugar in ordinary cake and pudding recipes, use HALF the given weight. For example, if the recipe calls for 200 gms sugar, use only 100 gms fortified sugar.

  • If you using fortified sugar when stewing fruits, add it AFTER the fruit is cooked.


  • The modern artificial sweetener is very much better than the old saccharine, in that it does not produce such a bitter flavour. You can buy artificial sweetener tablets and these are what I have mentioned in most recipes.
  • You can also buy powdered or liquid artificial sweetener and many people prefer using this form. Also on the market are the sugar substitutes. The amount to be used and the method of using will be given on the box.
  • When using artificial sweetener in cakes, puddings and custards, remember to use rather more flavouring (almond or vanilla essence, lemon rind or spices) than usual.
  • With cooked stewed fruits, add the saccharine AFTER the fruit is cooked.
  • Sorbitol or Diabetic sweetening products based on Sorbitol are not low calorie for slimmer.