How Salads help you Diet


If you are one of those with a large appetite, one of the difficulties you will face is that you are eating so little. You are therefore very fortunate if you like salads, because they help enormously to give variety and a feeling of being well fed.


Here are a few ways of using them to the best advantage:

  • In addition to serving salad as a cold dish; a good substantial salad is an excellent idea with a hot meal. It makes a more interesting dish, and also helps to take the edge off your appetite. You will find some of the combinations of the salad greens suggested here very nice to serve with hot dishes as well as cold dishes.
  • The look of the food is much more important while slimming. Here you find suggestions for attractive vegetable garnishes to ‘dress up’ a rather plain diet,
  • Many people forget that mayonnaise adds a great deal of calorie value to a salad. So if you are slimming seriously, avoid rich mayonnaise or a lot of oil. Choose one of the low calorie dressings or moisten your salad with little lemon juice, vinegar or tomato juice.
  • Tomatoes and cucumber are both extremely low on calories, so include plenty of these with your salads.
  • Above all else, avoid monotony, for it is the salads that you can have infinite variety.
  • One of the drawbacks of a serious slimming diet is that you have to cut out the interesting pudding, sauces and so on, but you can learn to replace these with appetizing salads.