15 ways to lose weight


  1. Firstly, if you are trying to lose weight, under NO circumstances should you embark on a serious slimming diet, without seeking the advice of your doctor. If you only want to lose a few kgs, then no harm will be done if you just carefully. Don’t try and lose enormous amounts of weight in a week. Tablets, etc, to help you slim, should again never be taken except under medical advice.

  2. Decide that you want to enjoy following your diet and not take it as a penance

  3. Of the foods you are allowed, pick out the ones you like best and take a delight in making them look interesting.

  4. If you are in the habit of eating meals quickly; try and slow down a little. This gives the illusion that you are, in fact, eating more.

  5. Either make the plates look full up with salad etc, or serve your meals on smaller plates

  6. When a doctor has given you a diet, or you are following it from any other source, don’t be persuaded by kind friends to depart from it. Give it a really fair trial.

  7. Try and plan your cooking to fit in with the family. They will enjoy many of the recipes, and you can easily give them larger helpings or add rather richer gravies. It makes very hard work of a diet if you have to cook completely different meals for your family.

  8. Don’t be a fanatic about the calories you eat. If you do go out and are invited for a party and happen to eat a little more than you know you should, then simply cut down on the next meal and NOT next day.

  9. Whilst exercising does not help reduce in the same way as diet, plenty of fresh air and exercise will keep you fit and make you feel better altogether.

  10. Give yourself some kind of ‘goal’ either a rather special dress, or a present at the end of the period of dieting.

  11. Get your family to join in. We don’t mean slimming, unless they need it, but they can help you a great deal. For example – if your husband is in the habit of bringing you sweets, then ask him to choose a fruit or some other attractive substitute.

  12. Don’t bore your friends and relations by talking about the diet from early morning till late at night. They are just NOT interested.

  13. AVOID ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING BETWEEN MEALS. If you are feeling hungry don’t reach for a biscuit or a piece of cake. Have a carrot or salad leaf instead.

  14. If it is the men in the family who are dieting instead of you, try to produce some of their favourite meals made up in a slimming way.

  15. Don’t feel you cannot go out to meals when on a diet. If you are eating in a restaurant it is more than likely that you can have veg jaipuri instead of veg makhanwala and roast chicken or grilled fish or chicken served with salad instead of rather starchy vegetables. Have a clear soup and ask for fresh fruit for your sweet course.