Leaving salt out of a diet

Some diets tell you to serve as little salt as possible with your foods. This means you must cut out the use of salt at the table and avoid as much as possible in cooking. Obviously if, for health reasons, you have been told ‘no’ then you must follow the diktat of your doctor..


Almost all dishes can be made with low salt content but, you cannot have them if you have to cut out salt completely. Here are a few suggestions for flavoring a salt – free diet.

  1. Make a salt free baking powder from tartaric acid.

  2. There are low- sodium salts available that contain potassium. The following suggestions will, we hope, assist you in making the food more appealing. Put these low-sodium salts in the water for boiling, and scattered about on the food, to ensure evenness of taste. When the flavoring for sauces or thickening, mix it well with the dry ingredients.

  3. You can also get salt free vinegar.

  4. Yeast extract is often free of salt and very good for flavoring savory dishes.