When should piles, fistulas and polyps be operated upon?
What are the after-effects?
How long will it take to recover?
How soon must the operation be done?
Are these operations dangerous?
Can't medical treatment be substituted for surgery?
How long is the usual hospital stay?
Do these operations leave a scar?
How soon can one return to work?
What happen if surgery is not performed?
What are the chances of recurrence after operation?
How long does it take to perform these operations?
What kind of anesthetic is given?
Is there any specific preoperative preparation for these operations?
Is it difficult to pass urine after operation on the rectum?
Does diet affect condition about the rectum?
Is special postoperative care required?
Any risk of these procedures terminating fatally?
Are these operations painful?
How soon after surgery will bowel movement return to normal?
Does childbearing have any affect upon these conditions?
What domiciliary postoperative treatments necessary?
What postoperative treatments, with the surgeon, are necessary?
How soon after operation can sexual relations be resumed?
Does rectal bleeding ever take place postoperatively?
How often should the bowel move after surgery?
What dietary precautions must be taken, postoperatively?
How soon can one bathe after a rectal operation?
How soon can one return to all normal activities?