Problems with the Nipples


Dermatitis of the nipple is a condition, in which the nipple looks red and sore, and the mother feels pain all the time while the baby is at the breast, not just in the beginning (as in sore nipples). The nipple is tender even if you touch it with the back of the hand.

This may be an allergic reaction to something, which the woman has applied to her nipple: an ointment, detergents used for washing her brassieres or pads that are in contact with the nipple. The treatment consists primarily of identifying, removing and avoiding the irritating substance. One must seek prescription of some cream. Make sure that you wash off the cream carefully with lukewarm water before each feed, even if you are expressing the milk manually. This is to prevent the drug in the cream from reaching your baby. If the diagnosis is right, the treatment is very effective.

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