Enlarged Breasts

In rare cases a woman of normal weight develops extremely large breasts.

As with small breasts, there is no known cause, nor is there any drug, hormone or other medical treatment for reducing the size of the breasts.

Special brassieres will help most women with over large breasts to be comfortable.

For women who suffer physical and/or psychological discomfort from huge breasts, surgery is available, but NOT recommended. A good dress designer can be a big help in gracefully covering large breasts, avoiding embarrassment. Excess skin and breast tissue is removed, and the nipple is often transplanted. Breast reduction is a lengthy procedure – about four to five hours-and usually requires about ten days of hospitalization.

Women with large breasts run another risk. It is difficult for them, or their physician, to detect a small lump on Breast Examination and they may have to resort to annual mammography.