Basic Rules About Skincare

  1. Fit body is a pre-requisite for good skin.

  2. Proper/ balanced diet - more of leafy vegetables, fruits and milk and less of oily and spicy foods, preservatives, colors and fast foods. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco or other additions.

  3. Enough sleep, mental peace and daily exercise help to make a fit body.

  4. Synthetic clothes and tight clothes should be avoided as far as possible.

  5. Body weight and Diabetes, if present, should be strictly controlled.

  6. Frequent washing of the face with prescribed soap is essential, for oily skin and pimples.

  7. Up to the age of 35 years, in persons with oily to normal skin; facials, heavy-makeup and application of cold cream or oil on face should be totally avoided. They invariably cause pimples.

  8. In elderly and people with dry skin, mild soap should be used for bath. Immediately after bath they should apply oil or cold cream all over the body.

  9. Do not rub any object like stone, brush, coin etc. on skin while taking a bath or even otherwise.

  10. Clean your body with plain soap and water. Clean the diseased skin exactly like normal skin once daily with soap and water.

  11. Do not apply antiseptic on diseased skin except under medical advice.

  12. Do not scratch, to stop itching. Apply ice, if available. Never put hot water on skin.

  13. Do not apply any ointment, lotion or home remedy without medical advice. It can damage your skin.